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Dr. Deming is among the nation’s first generation of Certified Performance and Sports Scientists by the NSCA – a rare find in Southwest Michigan.

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EPAT - Shockwave

A mainstay in sports medicine worldwide for over 20 years, EPAT (shockwave therapy) is the most advanced and effective FDA cleared technology to enhance the body’s natural healing process.

Shockwave Therapy


Running can, and should, be a joyful experience. An updated format this year includes an outdoor venue and a special young runners fun camp to get kids active and develop a love for running and being active at an early age. Featuring proper technique practice/drills, challenges, and friendly competition, these camps will be fun, educational and build excitement for your upcoming running season or other athletic opportunities to make it the best ever!

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Running Performance

True 2 Form teaches the technique and skill of running whether through individual training or team/group clinics. Our Performance Lab offers state of the art analysis to help athletes perfect the running form in order to reduce strain on the body, become more efficient, more stable and stronger where it counts.

Inspiration - Take it from our clients...

“Thank you for helping [our son] with running! He took your advice and insight and has already greatly improved from last year! He is 2 races in and has 2 PR’s already! He loves running, but until you helped him, he was running incorrectly, and was almost always in pain during his races. He is a completely different runner this year! Even his school coach praised him for how he looked running the first race of the season.”

Mission Statement

At True 2 Form, our mission is to make you faster, stronger, healthier and more resilient than ever, while equipping you with the knowledge and tools to remain that way for life.

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