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When you want to learn more about a sports medicine clinic and what is going on in the world of kinesiology, True 2 Form’s latest news can fill you in with some of what we have going on. We care about making sure that our patients are always in the know about the latest techniques and developments from our office, so check back often to see any updates that we post. If you have additional questions about one of our topics or would like to know more about what we have to offer, reach out on our contact page.

True 2 Form Elite Pitching Opportunities

Dr. Deming combines his experience as pitcher, coach, physician, and Doctor to bring you a new style of pitcher development.

Onsite at Orange Therapy Fitness

True 2 Form joining forces with Orange Theory Fitness to deliver the latest and greatest in scientifically based fitness, wellness and healing opportunities.

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Summer Camp Opportunities

Coming this summer 2022:

*RPM Speed Camp
*Young Athlete Development Camp
*Distance Running Camp

Spring Break Opportunities at The Dome

Two opportunities to be active and productive over spring break! True 2 Form is proud to offer these camps at The Dome Sports Complex, register before it’s too late…

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Biomechanics Lab Analysis Helps Athletes Perfect their Form

Athletes are always looking for better ways to improve themselves, and the biomechanics lab from True 2 Form is the best resource to help these individuals perfect their form. True 2 Form’s biomechanics lab and sports medicine clinic in Kalamazoo uses advanced techniques and technology to measure and analyze the form of patients to help them adjust their form where needed.

Running Without Pain Workshop

True 2 Form would like to invite any and all runners to a FREE workshop with Jon Deming, DPM.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Meets Lower Extremity Pain Head On

Sports medicine is often the best solution to someone’s pain in lower extremities caused by their physical activity. Although staying active is important to staying healthy, it can sometimes cause pain due to improper form that could otherwise be avoided.

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