Spring Break Opportunities at The Dome

Dr. Deming and True 2 Form are excited to be hosting two camps over spring break to give young athletes the opportunity to be active and productive during their time off.

Speed Clinic:

Intended for middle school and high school athletes (not just runners) who want to learn keys to becoming faster and reducing risk of injury.  In just 3 days (Tues, Wed, Thurs), Dr. Deming will give you tools and insight to help bring out the best in speed and performance.  The sessions will last an hour and a half and will be a mix of education, speed drills, demonstration/instruction, and practice of the newly learned skills.  This is not a conditioning class, but there will be some elements of training involved.

Sport Activity Camp:

This camp is offered as a fun way for young athletes, age 6-11, to get out and be active while challenging their athletic skills.  It is not specific to any sport, but rather intended to offer ways to test and improve on skills that translate into nearly every sport.  There will be friendly competition and contests as well to help engage and interact with other participants.  A great opportunity for some fun, enjoyable exercise over spring break.  Four days: M, T, W, T

Fun Activity Camp Registration

Speed Clinic Registration