Summer RPM Camp 2023

Summer RPM camp began last year with a primary goal of helping teach good fundamental running technique to make young runners faster, stronger and healthier.  RPM stands for Run Performance Maximization.  This year I decided to alter the format, get outdoors for some fresh summer air, and add creative new ways to teach and practice proper running mechanics that will energize and excite young athletes about their upcoming opportunities.

The camp is also aligned with the seasons to allow runners some much needed recovery coming off track or other spring sports.  Workouts will not be too intense – almost more refreshing and therapeutic.  For those who start training in July/August for fall seasons, this is the perfect time to work on these fundamentals while decreasing volume and resetting the body.  All athletes, young and old need to have cycles to their training to avoid burnout and injury.  Too many are going full throttle year round and the technique of running, movement, balance, stability and mobility get overlooked until they face an injury and rehab is required.  Enter the concept of PRE-hab.

The first 2 weeks of summer vacation were intentionally chosen as well to get kids outside and moving right off the bat and set the tone for a healthy and active break.

In this program you will:

  • Master proper running technique
  • Improve speed and avoid injury
  • Move faster, develop speed and coordination
  • Have fun and nurture a love for running

Breaking into two groups allows for a more age-appropriate experience:

The Young Runners Fun Camp is perfect if you love to run or just play and have fun outside with friends!  The primary focus will be on coordination, body awareness, running/movement skills and (as the name implies) fun.  It will feature a combination of challenges, games, races, and other activities to the art and science of running.  Teaching these skills at a young age will make you more likely to feel successful and encouraged to participate in activities such as sports as well as create healthy and active lifestyle habits.

Location: Portage West Middle School

Time: 8:30 – 9:30 am

Register for Young Runners Fun Camp (grade entering 2 – 6)

The Advanced Need for Speed program offers more competitive runners the opportunity to perfect the skill and technique of running to improve performance and avoid injury next season.  It will also be fun as well as challenging and educational at the same time.  Rather than overloading on mileage, we will focus on strengthening and engaging the right muscles, perfecting posture, landing, stability, cadence, mobility, rhythm, breathing techniques, nutrition and more – all the little things that differentiate good runners from great runners!

Location: Portage West Middle School

Time: 9:30 – 10:30 am

Register for Advanced Need for Speed program (grade entering 7 and up)

Whether they’ve had injury problems in the past or not, every runner faces over an 80% chance of injury each year.  The skills learned from this curriculum will drastically reduce those odds, while at the same time creating a more effortless and efficient running technique.  The feeling is empowering and the results are amazing!