Relieve Pain with Shockwave Therapy

If you’re looking for a non-surgical treatment to get you back in the game quicker, shockwave therapy may be the solution. A great alternative to traditional treatment methods, EPAT (also known as “shockwave therapy”) has become a preferred method of treatment for many athletes and others who are highly active. True 2 Form is among the area’s very few shockwave providers. It allows for faster recovery time and quicker return to peak performance. Shockwave treatment can be used for a variety of orthopedic conditions including foot arch and heel pain, Achilles and calf pain, tendonitis, knee pain and much more. 


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Shockwave Therapy Treatment

An Innovative and Evidence-Based Treatment

Shockwave therapy has become the preferred treatment worldwide for many conditions in sports medicine due to its many benefits: 

  • Non-invasive
  • Evidence-based
  • Versatility to address a wide variety of injuries
  • No down time
  • Easy, office-based treatments
Biomechanic Analysis

Is EPAT right for me?

If you are wondering whether EPAT or Shockwave Therapy is what you need, click below to receive more information:

“Before treatment I could barely walk when I first got out of bed and had to immediately put on shoes or sandals with arch support. [By the third treatment] I feel 90% better already and can walk barefoot in the house with no problem”

– Jon R.

Active Lifestyle

“I dealt with severe plantar fasciitis for over 18 months.  I tried orthotics, taping, stretching, oral steroids, anti-inflammatories, and multiple injections.  Easily, I spent over $1000 on new shoes which claimed would mitigate the pain… NOTHING helped.  [Now] I am pain free – even in the mornings first thing! and back to working out.”

– Beth P.

“I’ve had awful plantar fasciitis for months and have tried different therapies to relieve the pain.  Dr. Deming took the pain away in 3 sessions of EPAT. Please go see him so you don’t have to live in pain!”

–  Shannon M.

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